150,000 and counting…

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Back in 1999 I’d been living in Florida for 18 months, that was broken up into several three month periods then a month or so back in England. It was a good period of my life, I owned more than 100,000 shares in a company that were about to have their IPO, and make me a multimillionaire. I’d spend my days researching other stocks to buy on the NASDAQ and working out at the gym or running on the beach, to say I was having a good time was an understatement. I looked forward to Sunday when I would spend the morning at my church, St Augustine Southern Baptist was a beautiful church in many, many ways. I remember quite clearly one evening leaving bible study, I was feeling quite humble in the presence of such nice people. I was walking to my car when a friend asked me why I was looking as I did, I explained that I was just a normal person, I’d done lots of things in my life, worked hard but what was about to happen would change my life completely. Again she looked puzzled and asked me to explain, I felt strange, almost embarrassed and told her about the shares, the IPO and the money I’d make, I told her that it just didn’t seem right and said “I’m not worthy”….

It was only a few months later that I had the fall and smashed my face into the concrete step. That led to the dentistry that in reality was the cause of the disease I have now. The following year saw the Geoff Squire intervention and the consolidation of shares so the IPO never happened.

Ok leap forward seventeen years to now, imagine this, you know how it feels waking up on a Sunday morning after over indulging Saturday night, you have a bit of a fuzzy head. What if you the had to negotiate your way through one of those fun houses at the fairground that has strange shaped rooms and uneven floors. Added to this someone has strapped really heavy weights to your wrists and ankles. You find it really difficult trying to do anything, your limbs are struggling with the weights plus you have really thick motorcycle gloves on making finger dexterity non-existent.

I say this because the above description would be hard to cope with for a few minutes, it wouldn’t be nice for a few hours, it would be horrible not being able to do simple, basic things because of the thick gloves, the weights on your wrists and ankles, the uneven floors, yeuk….. that would be really horrible if you had to be like that for a day. Welcome to my world but it’s isn’t a 24 hour annoyance, no it’s actually been over 150,000 hours. So I take back what I said leaving church in 1999, I AM WORTHY so give me back my life…P.S. Tinnitus and going to the loo 25 times a day make it worse but I’m not beaten yet..

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