Who am I….

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Who am I…..

I’m not a Doctor or PhD…. I’m not a medical professional… ….

I’m not a magician…. I’m not an illusionist… .

I’m not special…. I’m not better than you…

Enough of what I’m not, what I am is me, I’m Stefan and because of that I know that certain things, good things will happen to me, for me and because of me. I know that I will get better, the disease that’s squatting in me will leave, how it will go, I don’t know but I do know….. not think… not wish, I know it will go. I will live a long healthy, wealthy and happy life. Again I’m saying I don’t know exactly how, I’m not being specific by saying I will win millions on the lottery or anything else but I know God, The Universe or whomever you chose to call him will make this happen for me, no one will be deprived or neglected because they are more deserving, no one will suffer but I will have health and wealth, why….. because I know I will…. because I’m Stefan….

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