Give up…

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Give up.

If I start my day as I did yesterday by being in my Mag Chloride bath at 05.45 and soaking for an hour then I feel so much better than I do on other days, so ideally it would be the thing to do everyday. However as beneficial as it seems, getting there is not as easy as you might think, as I’ve said previously, moving about is difficult, it’s physically very demanding, so the extra effort required, as basic as it seems, is really hard for me, on top of that the initial effect and for the following 30 minutes puts me into a state of utter exhaustion. So I go through a really conflicting period, I know the mag chloride has residual benefits but the “NOW” period is exhausting. Similarly I know the long term benefits of exercising are good for me but even doing what appears to be very basic fundamental exercise initially completely drains me. My body is shouting at me to not repeat the exercise…. please no more, but the mentally experienced part is saying “Stefan, don’t give up, don’t be a wimp”. My knowledge of how the body works, how muscles go through an accelerated period of atrophy because of the disease I have, I know if I don’t do it, if I don’t persevere with the supplements and exercise the MS will beat me. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m from Liverpool and I am a son of an amazing mother, knowing this you’ll also know that the words Give up, are not in my vocabulary.

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