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Why do I bother? Why do I write and openly profess to the world about how I will overcome a supposedly incurable disease when the medical fraternity and that includes the pariahs…… the pharmaceutical industry who all make categorical irrefutable statements in their opinion that multiple sclerosis cannot be cured. The reason “they” say it is, is because MS like several other diseases is quite frankly a “Cash cow” for them. All of those co called incurable diseases make billions and billions of dollars/pounds in profits for them so why on earth would they find a cure!!!!

I digress, getting back to my point, I write most days as a way to inspire and motivate myself, no one else can and that’s not a complaint or criticism it’s just a fact. I was telling a friend yesterday (you know who you are) that I’m a man of my word so I will not go back on that, I’m stating out loud that I will cure myself and as a man of principle I will not shirk from my duty. I consider my writing for my blog as my own personal journal.

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