So lucky…

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So lucky.

I often spend time reading, mostly murder/mystery novels and I try to keep up on my passion which is natural health as opposed to surviving on plastic synthetic foods. Over the last few years I’ve much preferred reading on my Kindle rather than paperbacks simply because it’s much easier for me. Obviously my own health is a priority for me so researching about possibilities to remove this turd of a disease using natural supplements and methods such as Stem Cell treatment. So I surf the net on my laptop, read books on my Kindle and watch tv. I’m able to do this because I live in my little flat and have disability benefits, not a lot but enough to get by on. There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world that also have the same disease but don’t have the same background or experience I have so are part of the majority taking MS  prescription drugs or don’t have the same benefits or emotional support. Ok I cannot live the life I used to, I can’t do the things most people take for granted, but I’m in a far better place than 99% of other people with multiple sclerosis and for that I am so lucky and ever so grateful. I see the stem cell treatment as being a very good option for completely removing this disease, the treatment is expensive and is effectively being done in several other countries so if you would like to help with whatever you can, just click the donate button, thank you.


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