Heal thyself….

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Heal thyself.

I think over the past 75 or 80 years there’s been a change in the general perception of  health with probably 99% of people primarily in Europe and the U.S. What was commonplace up until the 40’s and 50’s is now perceived as weird or just not feasible, now what was real, practical and the logical way is now considered “Alternative”.  What’s happened is organisations that collectively are referred to as “Big Pharma”  have become the second largest industry in the world and have more advertising power than anyone. The majority of people are influenced, no, not influenced, they have been totally brainwashed into believing that the indigestion, the heartburn, the acid reflux requires an OTC, an Over The Counter medication, it shouldn’t be called or classed as medication because it’s not, it’s not curing anything it’s relieving a symptom, a symptom of a problem caused by you and them. You for shoving, yes shoving not correctly eating a processed food full of preservatives and GMO’s created by “them”. So as I said you’ve been brainwashed into believing it’s an OTC or prescription drug that’s needed to relieve what wouldn’t have happened if the chemicals such as monosodium glutamate hadn’t been laced into it. Prior to plastic foods and additives that make your brain want to eat more and “Big Pharma” having so much power it was people themselves fixing the problem, it wasn’t weird, impractical or illogical for someone to heal themselves.

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