Last man standing..

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Last man standing.

At the end of the day, some will have fallen, not a complaint or criticism just a fact, the enemy is extremely powerful, they don’t take prisoners, you can give in, wave a white flag  and plead for mercy but those merciless, ruthless bastards, excuse me…but no other description fits, they don’t give a crap, it’s a case of kill at any cost… So the options for those unlucky enough to get trapped in their sticky spiders web is stop wriggling, stop trying to get free and die…… or….or…be a pain in the ass, keep trying to free yourself, don’t give up. The attitude of most people is to be the former, to accept that it’s impossible, that the sticky web wrapped around your limbs while you are desperately trying to walk up an escalator that’s going down is just too much. I can see that to 99.9% of people that giving up is the logical choice, the only feasible option. Having the spiders web constantly being spun, regardless of what you do it’s there, you might manage to pull a lot off one day but guess what, when you wake the next day it’s completely covered you again. Spin all you like, do what you will, you always win by simply tiring, by exhausting, by frustrating, by demoralizing, but guess what, do what you will but it’s me,, Stefan that will be the last man standing.

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