Try, try and try again..

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Try, try and try again.

I firmly believe that what we, mankind know now is significantly more than 25 years ago and massively more than just 50 years ago, the difference between what is generally understood in the world of technology and life in general is like night and day compared  to what was known a hundred years ago. The changes didn’t just happen, it wasn’t a case of a man or woman just woke up one morning and decided they were a genius. Everything has come about by effort, by trial and error, it may have been a physical or a mental/academic  effort to achieve whatever it was, when Matt Whitlock won the gold medal at the Olympics it was because he’d trained and trained. Steven Hawking didn’t just know about the big bang theory, it was years and years of study. My point is that just because something isn’t known now doesn’t mean it’s not a real and genuine possibility, it just means that we don’t know yet. I have often said that I will heal myself, I will find a cure for my MS, I think in the last 15 years I must have tried a hundred different things, some have done nothing in the way of helping me but some have so I continue to use them. Various supplements have helped by slowing the progression of the disease and maybe the oxygen therapy I’m soon to start or the Stem Cell treatment that I’m hoping to do will do it. The answer is there, it’s just not known yet, I’m not a defeatist, I cannot say enough is enough, I can only say that it may be a subconscious mind thing and mankind just hasn’t perfected the correct attitude or sequence, my thoughts are I don’t care how long it takes, how many times I fall, how many times I fail, all I can do is try, try and try again.

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