The human brain..

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Human brain.

The human brain is a complex organ structured to perform higher functions of consciousness and skills. Our potential to perform in life depends upon a single factor, brain activity. The more our brain is active and balanced the better we perform in each task we want to accomplish. Our success and achievements highly depend  upon the amount of brain being active and balanced with all the neurotransmitters and neurons functioning at their best potential. There are specific sounds that are remarkably powerful to stimulate, activate and energise those areas of the brain which can change the way we think, the way we perform and the way we achieve our goals in life. Meditation is a very important part of my life now, regardless of anyone’s thoughts about me or my actions now or in the past, the disease I have breaks down the myelin sheath surrounding nerves in the brain, meditation is beneficial to me and is helping unlike drugs that ease symptoms but cause long term neurological damage which has been clearly shown by others.  Love and best wishes to everyone, this is not me saying goodbye, it’s me showing common sense, determination, commitment and understanding.

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