Perfect analogy…

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Perfect analogy.

I know I’m not a PhD or a doctor, not a scientist or a dedicated medical researcher so how is that I can honestly expect to find the magical and miraculous solution to cure this disease, a so called incurable disease that apparently the medical experts of the world can’t cure. Hmmmm sounds like a bit of a problem doesn’t it, on most days I do an hour or two of research, obviously I don’t have the access or resources the big guys have so it’s a case of using my Samsung chromebook or my kindle and search what anyone else could, the internet. My research leads me to possible answers, as I said, possible answers, solutions that may have solved a puzzle to a myriad of questions and possibilities. So because I can’t try the potential combinations in vitro as in a test tube, I have to use the in vivo method, as in using myself. Obviously this method is time consuming and expensive and  possibly painful. But as I mentioned yesterday, I have to keep trying. In my mind resorting to simply taking a medication, a pharmaceutical drug that only….. Only treats a symptom and quite frankly contaminates and corrupts the intricate and delicate systems within the body is definitely not an option for me. It’s sad that people are slowly but surely being brainwashed into thinking the only solution is to surrender, and that’s what is happening. Whereas I chose to take responsibility for my life, I will keep trying, there’s no white flag being waved here, as frustrating, as annoying and demoralising as it is, I will continue to try and find a solution to my Rubik’s cube.

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