Two things..

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Two things.

In life contrary to what is often referred to in a cynical way, there really are only two things that are guaranteed and they are life and death, the cynical often say death and taxes but that’s not true depending on who you are..  Everyone starts at point A and everyone finishes at another point, some are lucky enough to reach Z and the rest somewhere in between.

The weird thing is that everyone has that exact same starting point, we are all born at point A, precisely one second old, the finishing letter sometimes comes around far too quickly and is often beyond our personal control, others do their very best to ensure there is a decent gap between start and finish.

I started at point A as we all do and did lots along the way, actually if the end came today, which it’s not by the way then I’d have no regrets, I think during a 25 year period I probably did more than most people get to do in their whole lifetime. So I consider myself to be a very lucky person, admittedly something happened to me at what I think was about letter M in my alphabet of life, probably just past halfway in the great scheme of things. The way I see it is that the problem, the restriction, the limiter in my life will be lifted by S which means that I’ll have from T all the way to Z living a great life. The price I’ve had to pay to have a brilliant last 25 years is that I’ve had a horrendous time for about 20 years. 20 years of not being able to live, to just struggle through an existence of pain and frustration 24/7, a small price to pay as far as I’m concerned because there are so many fantastic times ahead.

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