Got to gain ?….

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Got to gain ?…

For ten years I’ve been actively trying to help people, either by sharing the incredible benefits of the Huggins Protocol when I worked for him in Colorado or by writing my blog since I came back to England. It’s obviously something I feel very passionate about, in fact I feel obligated to do it, it’s my responsibility to do my bit, it seems that everyday the world is sliding down a very slippery slope. It’s weird really it’s not as if I am making a significant difference by shouting the odds, but my conscience won’t let me ignore what’s happening. My blog is read by thousands every day, over two million since I started, so the chances are that I’ve helped some people, I hope so.

It’s almost like everyone else is living in a black and white world and I keep telling them that it’s full of colour out there but they just look at me in a condescending way and say “never mind Stefan, you’ll wake up one day and see that we are right and you’re wrong”. Because the world is daily being battered with crap, with blatant lies about fat free foods and drinks, with cholesterol free, with low salt and hundreds of other things that have continuously brainwashed people into accepting poor health. Now it’s perfectly legal to advertise lies about how you should be taking a drug, now people seem perfectly comfortable about putting a chemical that seriously alters the efficiency of your organs and prevents them from working properly.

The pharmaceutical industry is now the second largest group in the world behind oil and gas, it’s achieved this position by literally brainwashing the masses and that includes the medical establishment we’re supposed to trust. Doctors now are little more than drug pushers, all they do, all they know are the names of pharmaceutical drugs that have been created to ease a symptom of a health problem, the fact is that during the nine years of training required to become a doctor that nutrition is limited to a day or two of education.  Why….. why is is that the most important thing is pushed aside, your body doesn’t need synthetic foods, it doesn’t need chemicals, it doesn’t need pharmaceutical drugs… it needs nutrition, foods that haven’t become nutritionally bereft through herbicides and pesticides or grown as genetically engineered rubbish.

Why do I write? I have nothing to gain, but I might help someone and that’s important to me.

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