My opinion…

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My opinion.

I write most days and in the main it’s about dentistry or health in general and when I do, it’s not just something I’ve read about in a newspaper or magazine, no it’s not an opinion I’ve formed listening to biased opinions from people or companies with a hidden agenda, it’s fact based on solid scientific and independent research or something I’ve seen myself.

Ok that’s out of the way because what I’m writing about now is  my opinion, it’s not based on substantiated facts or proven research, it’s just my opinion, take it as no more than that.

I believe in God, …. I’ve read the bible twice from start to finish, all 66 books in order, not just a book or chapter or verse in a bible study class. So does that make what I’m about to write more relevant or important or valid….. no it doesn’t, my opinion is just that, my opinion!!. Ok I’ve read the bible twice, I believe in God but I don’t believe in it… I don’t believe it’s fact, it’s faith. Actually I believe in the higher power that controls everything. Earth is the equivalent of a speck of dust floating in a massive indoor arena when looked at as part of our solar system, our galaxy, the infinite universe, when that’s considered does that make God that important, probably not which is why I believe that God is the supreme being, God and The Universe are the same thing. There is no concrete proof that we started with Adam and Eve, 3 or 4 or 5,000 years ago, there is however proof that the Chinese people have documented history going back 6,000 years. Our, human understanding was very, very limited 2 or 3,000 years ago, people in comparison to today we’re not exactly what you’d call intelligent so an explanation of something more, something to inspire was created from the current level of intelligence, come on now!!! It wasn’t that long ago that people thought the world was flat. Australia wasn’t known of to Europeans, America wasn’t known of to Mongols and Genghis Khan had an empire.

Do I pray? absolutely.. is it to God? I don’t know, what I do know is that I have faith, unbreakable faith in the higher power, I’d like to say that I believe in God, I just don’t think he’s the image portrayed in the bible but I do believe….

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