Vital energy…

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Vital energy.

I don’t know if the statements people make, me included are ever really thought about, you know when people say things like “eating those things always makes me weak” or ” ” if I have red wine I always get a headache” or “have some chocolate, it gives you energy”.  In the body there are literally thousands of systems, comprising of thousands of functions dependent upon interactions caused by nutrients that ideally are provided by foods we’ve eaten. Sadly so much food is either manufactured or grown with little or no nutrition these days leading to allergies and illness. Anyway I’m digressing, Vital energy…. what the body needs to sustain itself.How does this happen? Something called Porphyrins, porphyrins are the principal cell for collecting and storing energy they are constantly recycling through the body, basically there are five different porphyrins, and millions of them, providing you nourish yourself correctly of course. The Porphyrins encourage production and stimulation of Mitochondria which in turn feeds ATP  or Adenosine triphosphate then to ADP or Adenosine Diphosphate. This process is providing cells of which there are trillions in the body with energy. So just by not providing the nutrients desperately needed creates problems. Your doctor should know these things but probably doesn’t, so when issues occur and your doctor prescribes a drug that simply masks the actual problem all you are doing is mopping up the water when the kitchen floor is flooded. Ideally you should be turning the tap off and pulling the plug out of the sink, then mopping up.

Sorry about going into specifics about the detailed microscopic functioning of the body, I just want you to appreciate that your body is an incredibly complex thing and does a billion things every minute in order to keep you alive. It doesn’t ask that you understand the complexities, it does that for you, it does however ask two things……  One…that you give it decent nutrition and Two… that you don’t put synthetic, chemical crap into it.

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