Only human….

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Only human.

What a shock, I woke up this morning and actually felt good, ok not necessarily good but certainly not bad so that’s gotta be good isn’t it? I wrote yesterday’s post the previous night and as you probably guessed I didn’t feel good mentally. It’s a struggle no doubt in every moment, every breath but at the end of the day I’m not made of steel and I certainly can’t leap tall buildings. But what I can do is be me, Stefan the scouser that is a stubborn git and won’t accept the prognosis of “it’s an incurable disease so just give up”. I make statements in my head, telling myself that this will not beat me, the heat and humidity is not an issue to most people but sadly for me it’s a killer, ok not an actual killer but a serious debilitating factor. I accept it and do my best to compensate. I was annoyed at myself for  ignoring the warning signs, but hey…. I do my best and although I don’t like to use it as an excuse, I don’t wear my undies on the outside of my pants so guess what Stefan, you are only Human.

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