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What is the truth when it comes to health, sadly in the world of disgusting profitability, or healthcare there is no such thing as truth. Sorry, is he alive or is he dead, then yes there is truth in that possibility, there’s no argument there, someone is alive or dead… fact. But when it comes to cures I believe that 99% of ordinary people believe that it is possible to naturally cure someone suffering from a disease or illness. In an internal memo issued by big Pharma in 2010 they stated categorically that healing or curing someone without using pharmaceutical drugs was an impossibility, they also went on to say that by 2020 the wanted every American, all 350 million of them to be taking at least one pharmaceutical drug. So truth…. in the world of allopathic medicine is that humans cannot be healed, truth to natural healers is that humans can be healed. So truth really depends on who you’re talking to, in other words what you and I perceive as truth is really just an opinion when it comes to profits. There have been and still are totally natural therapies created by doctors, scientists and even laymen that have and still do heal so called incurable diseases, but it’s not disgustingly profitable so the pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested. I’ve said this a hundred times before, big Pharma doesn’t make cures, they make customers.

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