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The way we look at things can make what we’re looking at completely different, if for instance you are looking at a bare electrical cable with 240 volts running through it, it looks and is very dangerous. If however the cable was attached to your fridge it would be good, it’s keeping your foods chilled. If it was attached to a 3 bar electric fire it would also be good, keeping you warm and toasty on a cold day. So the electric cable isn’t necessarily good or bad, it’s just doing what it was meant to do and that’s provide electrical power. By the way, what is electricity, can you see it….. no, can you touch or actually feel it, no not without hurting yourself. Do you genuinely understand what it is, probably not, but it exists regardless of if you know specifically what it is. My point is just because you don’t truly know what it is or understand how it does what it’s supposed to do doesn’t mean it’s not real. Can you see the air you breathe, no, but without the thing you can’t see, you can only live for three or possibly four minutes.

A car can travel along a road carrying a person or people, so a car is great, right, what if a car hit a person on the road, the car is now not good, it’s bad isn’t it.

If whatever is doing it’s job and it’s doing it efficiently and effectively it’s got to be good, but from whos perspective?.

There is something that mankind has called multiple sclerosis, and mankind has called it a disease, an incurable disease. What is it? is it a transparent globular thing that’s wrapped itself around me… it’s not. Has it been seen or specifically identified, no.. so what is it, is it a thing, can it be taken away or scraped off? again no. A doctor can’t look at me or in me and remove what they’ve called multiple sclerosis, there’s not a specific cell or microbe or molecule that can be named multiple sclerosis.

Going back to the electrical cable or the car or a scalpel or whatever, it depends on your perspective, if you are on the wrong end or the bad side then those things are bad, but from their perspective they are good, they are doing what they were designed to do. Multiple sclerosis is designed to make a human’s life miserable so in my case it’s doing a great job, yay, ms, you’ve been doing your job, what you were designed to do really well. But I’m asking you very politely to go away, leave my body, you’ve done a great job from your perspective for a very long time, be satisfied, now please, please go away.

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