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The following paragraph has been taken directly from the book written by Dr. Ann Boroch and in my humble opinion is one of the most logical and detailed explanations of disease and the human body. I will post more tomorrow.


Poor Diet and Food Allergies Diet alters your body chemistry either positively or negatively. A poor diet of refined sugars, gluten, alcohol, dairy, trans fats, and processed foods destroys cellular function and disrupts the ecology of your digestive system. Poor digestion results from eating denatured foods and leads to proteins not being broken down properly. Undigested proteins putrefy in your gut and enter your bloodstream. Once these proteins leave the gut, they alert the immune system that antigens have entered your body. The immune system then begins producing protein antibodies to fight the invaders. Also in response, your body releases histamine. Your adrenal glands, which supply a natural antihistamine, weaken over time when this process is ongoing, as does your immune system function, and you become allergic not only to food, but also to environmental toxins. Environmental Toxicity Our polluted environment is another factor responsible for the body’s tissues becoming saturated with toxicity. Heavy metals (aluminium, cadmium, lead, and mercury), pesticides, fungicides, GMOs, molds, and synthetic chemicals surround us. Our bodies absorb these toxins and cannot excrete them as fast as they enter. These toxins add to the burden of our immune system, which may already be under attack by digestive and microbial toxins. Genetics Your inherited genes may determine your strengths and weaknesses. However, it is my observation that one’s phenotype (the observable physical or biochemical characteristics of an organism as determined by both genetic makeup and environmental/ lifestyle influences) plays a more important role than genetics alone in determining which imbalances will surface. For example, a family history of MS would not necessarily lead to someone developing MS if he or she has a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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