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I’m sure some people prefer to look at the potentials, the possibilties in their life in a negative way or in their opinion as more realistic, I’ve always thought of myself as an optimist. In my mind its better to think positively, the following is another paragraph taken from the book, Healing Multiple sclerosis by Dr Ann Boroch who cured herself of this hideous disease. I’m sure you can understand why I’m totally in tune with her methods.

In addition to all the chemical, dietary, and environmental factors that contribute to MS, we must also look at the role of psychological imbalances. Negative thinking, outdated beliefs, and fear-based emotions are major catalysts that suppress your immune system. THE MIND-BODY CONNECTION In the last several years we have heard a lot about the mind-body connection, which says that thoughts are things and that their energy directly impacts our bodies. We can no longer ignore this factor in our quest for health. Psychologist Shad Helmsetter says: “Leading behavioral researchers have told us that as much as 75 percent of everything we think is negative, counterproductive, and works against us. At the same time, medical researchers have said that as much as 75 percent of all illnesses are self-induced.”  Thoughts that emanate from your brain activate hormone secretions and stimulate nerve centres in the body. The resulting electrical impulses travel over the nerve fibres and trigger various bodily processes, including the glands and muscles, affecting your every motion and feeling every moment of every day. Simply stated, the thoughts that you think manifest your reality and the body that you walk around in.

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