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How am I.

The title how am I is relative to time really, how am I in comparison to five years ago? Well the answer would be that I’m worse now than I was then, but in reality that’s only to be expected, I have a disease considered to be incurable. How am I in comparison to this time last year? the answers the same unfortunately, but as I mentioned, my condition is all relative. As I’ve said before, when the neurologist originally diagnosed me in February 2004 he categorically told me that I’d be in a wheelchair permanently within six months if I didn’t take the medication he prescribed. I never did and I’m not in a wheelchair, I look at myself in the mirror and yes obviously I’m thirteen years older but I think I look good, I’m biased of course but in all seriousness I don’t look like a 62 yr old with multiple sclerosis. So as I said it’s all relative, I honestly believe that what I’ve been doing from a nutritional and mental standpoint has worked phenomenally well, I’m not cured…. yet, but I’m in a far better place than the drug pushing doctors expected.

I reckon I’ve tried a good fifty different things so far, some like the dental revision and body chemistry re-balancing have obviously been a major contributor to my current condition and I’m so lucky to have been in the right place at the right time.

If you were to ask me the question now, as in “how am I” then I’d tell you I’m so excited, so optimistic, more so than at any time in my MS life. And that is because of the book I’ve just read, now I absolutely know I will be cured, yes I’ve said that before, the difference is that previously I knew that it would happen I just didn’t know when. Now I know that I will be cured within one year, a promise to myself…

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