What do I know…

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What do I know….

For the last ten years I’ve been deeply involved in health, that’s natural health not the look good on the surface type of health, you know the types, the ones that use lots of chemicals and lots of the synthetic additives that always give them temporary highs. On the face of it those people seem good but behind closed doors and in the log term they age very badly and suffer for it. No that’s not what I’ve been involved in and studied. From 2007 when I was a senior director working for Dr Hal Huggins I learned so much, not just about safe dentistry but also about true natural health, about body chemistry re-balancing and understanding haematology as in the many intricate components of the blood. I was very lucky to have met some incredible doctors, dentists, Phd’s and leaders in what is wrongfully termed Alternative medicine. Since coming back to England although not directly involved I’ve still read and researched as much as I could. So I would like to say that my knowledge and understanding is a little better than average, but that personal view was completely blown up when I read “Healing Multiple sclerosis” by Dr Ann Boroch. Over the past ten years I’ve been very actively looking, searching and trying a multitude of methods to remove this hideous disease from my body, some things have definitely helped and the fact I’m still here is testament to my efforts. But I’ve always felt that I was missing something, the right twist in my Rubik’s cube or the key piece in a very difficult puzzle. At last I’ve found it, it’s not like I’ve meticulously researched or spent countless hours studying then had a “Eureka moment”, no a friend sent me a link to Ann Boroch and now I understand what needs to be done, what will be done to heal myself. With all my experience, all my study it’s one thing to think I was doing it right, the title to this post isn’t a question, it’s a rhetorical statement…..what do I know !!!!.

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