Average Joe…

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Average Joe..

I’m just setting the scene for the average, everyday, run of the mill person, he’s worked hard all his life, had decent jobs and done the normal things. Meets, dates, then marries his sweetheart, all normal so far, gets a mortgage and the starter house and living an okay life, treats at weekends and holidays abroad. Then not unexpectedly a baby comes, still life is not bad, he’s managing…. just. The second baby makes things better in some ways but a little harder financially, no more treats like going out at the weekend. The family are still just about able to have holidays but they’re no longer abroad, it’s more likely long weekends in Skegness or possibly Blackpool. It’s decided that the little two bed is no longer big enough so the house gets bigger as does the mortgage and the rest of the monthly bills…. where am I going with this, ? Bear with me, I’m getting to it.. one weekend our average Joe does the lottery and guess what, all six numbers come up, yay he’s a winner… sort of… because there’s a catch. Yes he’s won the jackpot but he’s been told that because of some complications he’s not going to get his millions just yet. Now he’s worried, sort of, he knows it’s happening but not right now, he can’t pay off the debts he’s accumulated, can’t take the wife and kids on a decent holiday or get a good reliable car, he’s just going to have to carry on as normal until he gets his money, it might be next week although that’s unlikely. But it will definitely happen, Joe will get it all and give his family all he’s always wanted to do.

Back to reality…. that’s how I feel about my current situation, the changes I’m making from a food and supplemental standpoint will do exactly the same to me, I feel like I’ve just won the lottery jackpot but I just can’t have it yet. The difference between me and 99% of others is that I have a plan, a goal and incredible determination and patience.

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