My A to Z…..

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A to Z..

Whether it’s  our whole life or a journey to the shop’s, there’s always a start and finish, simple, start at A and finish at Z, it doesn’t matter how long it is, how many miles or the length of time it will take, every journey starts with the first step. My life’s journey started almost 62 years ago in Liverpool, the first 25 years were fairly straight forward, school, college, work , marriage and kids. I think it was from my mid twenties that my A to Z started to differ from the norm. The next twenty years saw skydiving, hang gliding, scuba diving and flying small planes. There was several other sports and lots of fast bikes mixed in as well. I was 47 when there was another fairly big change as in I went to live in Colorado, being 5,000 miles away from family and friends was definitely a huge challenge as was working initially but one I relished. At 53 I was divorced from my 3rd wife, not something I’m proud of but in reality it was better for both parties. I think on my journey of life so far, my time working for Dr Huggins was the most rewarding, fulfilling and emotional of all I’ve done so far…. I say so far because there’s a huge, incredible thing that will happen on my A to Z and that’s happening right now. This journey is taking a detour, I’ve stepped off the straight and narrow path that was leading me to a painful shortening of my life. A new A to Z is starting, one that leads me to full health, I’m only on B or C so far and I know it’s going to be hard sticking to this new road alone but I am determined to do it, I will get to Z on my diversionary route which will enable me to resume the original life journey.

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