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As I’m sure you all know I look at life very differently to most people, I think that’s because of my years with Dr Huggins, looking at it differently is primarily to question what is considered “the norm” or what seems to have become acceptable. That “acceptable” standard has in my opinion been forced in by, obviously big pharma and the food manufacturers with the help of the advertising media giants. I’m sure if the latter actually understood the true dangers of foods riddled with herbicides and pesticides that have become nutritionally bereft then maybe they wouldn’t create such compelling advertisements, or maybe they already understand but they themselves don’t give a crap.

So I look at things differently….. I question, I look for healthy alternatives, I am willing to try something else, it’s not done in blind desperation, I research, I ask questions and use my common sense. To me it’s obvious that the synthetic additives, the chemicals, the preservatives and the mountains of totally unnatural “stuff” that just about all processed foods are laced with says to me it has no place in my body. All of these unnatural things can cause havoc to what is a natural body, it’s human and will not function correctly when that crap gets in.

The program I’m using as in natural foods, supplements and herbs to correct and eliminate the internal  imbalance that’s been created within me will take time, it will cause problems as the bad guys that have squatted in my house are being eliminated. They are moved from an organ hopefully to allow it to work properly again, it will take time especially as those “pathogens” have caused terrible damage. But as I said before I have faith and confidence that He and I will win.

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