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With a disease such as MS there will always be ever-increasing problems, according to the world of western medicine it’s incurable and will gradually progress to a stage that makes it impossible to continue to live. Okay that’s the prognosis that was explained to me by the initial neurologist that diagnosed me in February 04, he obviously recommended I take specific drugs that in his opinion would extend the six months of normal life I’d have without them. How would you feel if you personally were told that…. I know at the time I was  quite frankly petrified. As you know I refused, not because I knew better than the neurologist, I just couldn’t believe I would become a vegetable, I suppose I was in denial. Over the following months I became weaker and less coordinated, I told my boss at the company I worked for selling asset management and tool tracking software, Dan Long was a 6′.3″ Canadian that was a tough Ice Hockey player at the weekends and fortunately for me didn’t use the same physicality in his role as Sales Manager. Anyway I came across a functional beverage called XanGo that not only tasted great but more importantly did the amazing job of keeping my symptoms at bay for many years. After eleven years I wasn’t a vegetable although I’d been forced to stop work and return to England. During this time which is thirteen years since the initial diagnosis and seventeen since the first symptoms I’ve experimented with at least 50 different things to try and stop what the neurologist said was unstoppable. Knowing what I know now has literally filled me with inspiration, I honestly believe 100% that what I’m doing, the specific foods I’m eating and others I’m avoiding plus the new supplements will in time completely eliminate the symptoms of multiple sclerosis from my body. It will probably take another two years to do it, but then I will  very proudly give the bird to the doctors, neurologists and all who doubted me. There’s no doubt that most people will be shocked, some will just think it was pure luck, it wasn’t, it will be down to mental strength and determination …. am I stubborn… possibly a little, but I know I have 100% faith and incredible patience.

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