It’s starting…

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It’s starting.

Over the past couple of weeks since I started with the change in my diet, please understand that when I say “diet” I’m referring to the types of food that’s forming my everyday nutrition, this is not me on a diet as in trying to lose weight.  So my diet and new supplements are having an effect, the new supplements are basically Candida Cleanse and Digestive enzymes. Since reading the book “Healing Multiple sclerosis” by Ann Boroch who cured herself of MS in four years and wrote about it, I’ve followed her protocol as closely as possible. I’m sure most people have heard about Candida especially women but I doubt any normal person and that included me, truly understands exactly what it is and how it can exacerbate existing and develop new health problems. So now I have a better understanding than before and can realistically fight this problem that has created a much bigger problem, the Candida, the yeast, the fungus has created Candidiasis which in most people would be bad enough. However because of other reasons, I’m a man, I’m from Liverpool, I ate crap as a kid, I drank lots of Diet Coke and lots n lots of other issues, collectively they have made an ideal environment for MS.

The above list simply indicates that I have no idea of the specifics other than its happened and what I’m doing will get rid of it in time. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will work, I can feel it internally, I know that probably sounds strange but it’s true, it’s not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination, I told myself it would get worse before it gets better but I honestly believe it’s starting.

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