My MS life

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My MS life..

It’s been a hell of a journey so far, from a very physically active man to a miserable existence for 17 years and now to what I believe to be the start of my new life .

  1. Very active but experiencing some physical difficulties.
  2. Problems running distance but still able to work out.
  3. Unexplainable weakness happening quite frequently.
  4. Had fall smashing teeth onto concrete steps, 4 root canals.
  5. Lots of unexplainable symptoms, blood test, no answers.
  6. Moved to Colorado, stress.
  7. Riding but no running.
  8. Admitted to hospital, diagnosed with MS.
  9. Found XanGo, slight improvements.
  10. Still working full time, good workouts at home gym.
  11. Met and started working for Dr Huggins.
  12. Divorce, moved to Colorado springs.
  13. Riding and walking.
  14. Worse symptoms.
  15. Lost job, very minimal walking. CCSVI in Bulgaria.
  16. Lots of stress, no job, no benefits, returned to UK in Nov.
  17. Moved into new flat, limited walking with cane or walking frame.
  18. Minimal movement, wall and furniture walking.
  19. Several falls, XanGo ends.
  20. Still positive, Youngevity supplements, major positive.
  21. Ann Boroch cured herself of MS in 4 years, following protocol.

The above is a very brief synopsis of my life so far, I haven’t mentioned the many things I’ve researched and tried, probably fifty things that sounded good but unfortunately did very little in the way of helping. The Youngevity supplements are by far the best natural organic supplements created by Dr Eli Wallach. Those added to the methods recommended by Ann Boroch will cure me, of that I have no doubt. The strict food regimen isn’t difficult to adhere to, it’s not going to happen overnight but it is going to happen.

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