I’m excited…

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I’m excited.

As each day passes and I’m aware of the subtle changes, maybe not changes that would be noticeable by an onlooker but slight improvements that are making the everyday challenge of living for me just a tiny bit easier. As you know I spend about 95% of the day alone so I fill my day with reading, some writing, tv and research on the internet. I’m never lonely or bored, there’s too much to do for that, I often meditate during the day, at least twice or possibly three times for an hour each. This last week or more I’ve found myself remembering how things were and the very real possibility of doing some of those things again. I doubt I’ll ever skydive again but driving a fast car or hiking in the mountains or swimming in the ocean. I really do believe I’ll be doing them again so I’m sure you can imagine how excited I am.  I know none of those things are likely to happen in the next year but I believe there’s a strong possibility it will only be two or three years. A medical professional, any of the many I’ve seen since February 04 would say that I’m living in a dream world and that healing is an impossibility. But “they” are the ones that have been brainwashed, they are the ones that have been well and truly conned by the pharmaceutical giants making gazillions in profits. Finding cures is not what they do, it’s simply about making extortionate profit at the expense of mankind.

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