Two months

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Two months.

Being weak is a bummer, really it’s so demoralising to struggle to do the most basic things and I mean basic, the weakness in my legs trying to stand or move around desperately clinging to furniture and door frames. The weakness in my hands and lack of coordination can be so embarrassing and frustrating. But for all the time in pain, being embarrassed and humiliated it has taught me to be more understanding, more considerate and patient, but I think more than any other emotion it’s taught me to be grateful. As I’ve said before I’m so lucky, there are so many more people that are sicker than me, have less help, fewer resources and the most significant thing is they have no real hope for a future worth living. Me however…. I live in a nice flat, I have enough money each month to buy food and my supplements, watch TV, surf the web and the last thing is that I have 100% confidence that I’m on the road to recovery. I know the supplements are right, at last, I know my diet is right and using the Zapper is making a real difference. The changes are happening slowly but surely, I’m experiencing more positives than negatives and there’s a good chance that my strength will start to improve, I don’t know exactly when but there’s a strong likelihood that it will be around the two month point. It’s been just over a month since I started this new regime, oh I’m so excited.

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