What you believe…

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What you believe.

Just because you personally don’t actually know or really understand how or why something works doesn’t mean it’s not real or valid. Think about it for a moment…. the wind in your face as you walk down the street!!!! What is it? You know it’s wind because you were told that when you were at school, you can’t see it, you can’t touch it but it’s there, where exactly does it come from. What is air, again you can’t see or touch it, how would to explain it to someone? it just is… you know for an indisputable fact that this invisible thing is absolutely 100% necessary for you and all humans, animals and insects to exist. Electricity… not good or bad, it will light up a who’re house or church, no bias or opinion  it just is…. what is it, go on explain what it is. You know the television, the computer, the lights in the house and millions of other thing will not work without electricity, but how does it do it, you can’t categorically describe the exact process, it just does.

Truth… Truth is truth isn’t it… no not exactly, there are two truths, there’s factual truth and your truth.. factual.. the monarch of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is Queen Elizabeth 2nd, it’s an indisputable fact. My truth…. it hasn’t happened yet but I know I will be healed before the close of 2020…

How… powerful anti fungals, great supplements, good nutrition and the Don Croft Zapper, how? by clearing the Candida, by replacing damaged cells, enzymes and rebuilding organs, by killing and removing parasites and pathogens from my body. The specifics of exactly how the four I mentioned will do it, I don’t know, but just as you know taking a lung full of air keeps you alive, I know they will cure me, I’ve said this before “what you believe, you make true”.

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