Slight improvements…

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Slight improvements.

I was looking back at my posts to see when I first wrote about Ann Boroch and what she’d done as in cure herself of MS, well I’d finished her book and wrote about it on the 20th of August. I think it was about a week later that I truly started the diet as in the foods I could and shouldn’t eat also the Candida Cleanse.  So it’s only been a month not 5 weeks as I thought, that actually really pleases me, I’ve experienced very positive, noticeable improvements in only a month…. yay!!!!. The changes are probably not visible to anyone seeing me but the tiny changes are so significant to me. As I’ve said before, manoeuvring around the flat and being very conscious of not dragging my left foot, my toes over the carpet strips and scraping the skin off is huge to me. Being able to swing my left leg up onto the bed and not have to rest 30 minutes till I’ve got the strength to man handle it with great difficulty is so nice. My condition is still dire, I still suffer, I still struggle very much as the day wears on. But not as much as I did a month ago, and definitely nowhere near as much as I would if I hadn’t been trying as hard as I have over the past 13 years. I haven’t cured myself….. yet… but I will and all the pain, frustration, humiliation and massive fatigue while trying to motivate and inspire myself will have been worth it. I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason, maybe me getting sick was so that I’d look and look and try everything under the sun till I found the way or meet the person, (which I did) that could add the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Having a disease that the doctors and neurologists say is incurable and everyday I would get closer and closer to not wanting to live is a hard thing to take. Luckily, me being me, meant I looked at the original neurologist that diagnosed in Colorado in February 04, and just told him I’d deal with it, I am 13 years later and guess what Dr I know more than you because I’m a neurologist, I don’t look like other MS sufferers and I’m noticing slight improvements… “so there!!!!.

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