To start with..

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To start with.

Firstly I have to start this post with my respect and admiration for the late Ann Boroch, she was an incredibly talented and determined woman, secondly to Janet Oxford for all her help and lastly to Don Croft and the Zapper. Without all three of the above my life now and what it will be would be very, very different. Now please understand that what the following statement doesn’t mean I have delusions of grandeur, it didn’t mean I think I’m better or more qualified or more determined, it simply means that I am so lucky.

Ann Boroch cured herself in four years from a supposedly incurable disease, (please remember the above) I will do it in less than half that time!!!!!!.

Okay to explain my grand statement: Ann was only in her mid twenties and using her incredible mind and determination, she researched, investigated and used herself as a guinea pig found what she thought was the reason the MS she’d contracted was being exacerbated by Candida. There must have been times of despair and frustration on that journey, unlike us (MS sufferers) she didn’t have anyone to confirm, clarify or point her in the right direction.

She didn’t have the best supplements from Youngevity like I have, she hadn’t been dairy and gluten free for ten years before like I have. She didn’t know at that time the dangers of that white poison…. sugar or the many variants of synthetic sweeteners there are today. I’m so fortunate to have worked directly with Dr Hal Huggins and come into contact with so many leaders in the field of natural health. She didn’t have a Zapper as they hadn’t been invented then, so yes I am so lucky to know what I know, been where I’ve been and able to use her knowledge, the Youngevity supplements, the Don Croft Zapper and have access to Janet and her wonderful guidance and motivation.

Thank you Ann Boroch, Janet Oxford, ,Youngevity and Don Croft.

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