And then there were three..

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And then there were three.

When I first started this new regimen, the Ann Boroch method, Janet, that’s Janet Orchard, making sure it was spelled correctly, she explained a lot of things I’d misinterpreted from the book and for that and lots of other snippets of information I’m extremely grateful for.  As my body gradually expell’s the bad stuff and slowly rebuilds itself I’ll experience good and bad days, in time the good will massively outnumber the bad but in the early stages which is where I am there’ll be a good followed by a bad. I think because it’s not as if I started from the beginning as most others do, I’d been gluten free, lactose free and sugar free for many years, so in my case it was primarily the anti fungals, adrenal support, digestive enzymes and eliminating one or two foods. Again in my case I’d been using the excellent Youngevity supplements for a year and the Don Croft Zapper(s) for a couple of weeks which there’s no doubt are helping. The good days and significantly better than the odd good day I had before, and more significantly the bad days aren’t really bad, I just feel weaker than the good days which in my humble opinion is brilliant. I had a “not good” day, better description, on Tuesday last week so expected a good day on Wednesday, well unlike previous rotations it wasn’t Wednesday, it was also Thursday and Friday…. and then there were three !!!!

I’m adjusting to this far better than I thought, as Janet…. Orchard… (My bad) said to listen to your body, it’s Sunday afternoon as I’m writing, not a good day so instead of forcing myself to do stuff, I’m resting. Let my far more intelligent body than stubborn ego dictate and assist the healing process, Monday will be good.

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