Full speed ahead…

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Full speed ahead.

Hmmm.. So you just passed your driving test, hey you can drive….  woohoo, your dad is successful and wealthy, you can drive so hey… you take his Ferrari out for a spin.

Or you’ve just taken you first drink of beer, hey beer is alcohol and it was good so it’s gotta be ok to drink a bottle of whisky, it could possibly be harder to cope with….

Okay the above two scenarios are stupid things to do but what have they got to do with me…. hmm let me think for a second…

The previous post is all about commitment and doing it right which is my intention, however my actions could be likened to either of the previous scenarios or a bull in a China shop. Go for it Stefan, go on do it all right now, it’ll work. Yes it’ll work alright and doing everything from day one will have consequences, the highs have been great and certainly fuelled my optimism but… and this is a big but, the lows are horrendous. The previous post was written Monday evening, this one Tuesday afternoon. I’ve been weaker than at any point in my MS life. I’ve struggled big time, even using my walker has put me in a state of absolute fatigue, really this has frightened me more than anything ever has.

I’m telling myself this will pass, it’s only temporary.

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