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Well I have to say that yesterday was one of the most frightening days of my life, I’ve had worse days because of falling or vomiting of course but when considered in relation to what I’m doing with the Ann Boroch program and how good I’ve been feeling both physically and mentally the yesterday takes the biscuit. As I said earlier, the program works, it’s been proven by others following the AB method, but me, wanting to do it all straightaway instead of gradually phasing in the process and allowing the body to slowly adjust I’ve gone at it hell for leather. There’s nothing I can do now as far as easing back, what’s done is done. I feel yesterday was a milestone it’s just a milestone I jumped to and skipped the bits in between. Not something I recommend, it was horrible but I’m good today, I’m sure I will have other weak days but not like yesterday hopefully.

To anyone reading I’d just like to say I’m good now.

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