So very, very lucky..

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So very lucky.

I was diagnosed with MS in February 04, I think because of my knowledge of what pharmaceutical drugs really do,  I refused to take the medication that the  “oh so knowledgeable and experienced” neurologist prescribed for me. I’ve said this before I know but it’s so important when you look at the big picture. Drugs address symptoms, not treat them or remove the cause, they just suppress the body’s own receptors that are doing what they’re supposed to…. tell you there’s a problem so hopefully you will provide the correct nutrients to kill the cause. Have you ever heard the phrase “don’t shoot the messenger”, well that’s basically what 90% of prescription drugs do….Again I’ve said this before but I think it’s a great analogy… you come home and see the kitchen is flooded…. what “they” tell you to do is to use lots of blankets to mop up the water. Great way of solving the problem temporarily, my way is to turn the freaking tap off and pull the plug out of the sink, then mop up the water, once, not every day. “Their” way is like trying to dry yourself….. while you’re still in the shower.

Okay I’m ranting, but traditional doctors in the main are wearing horse blinkers, they have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical reps, throwing sample drugs at them, they show the reports indicating they help. In almost all cases the reports have been manipulated to show what they want. Falsified statistics, the commercials on TV are so convincing especially the ridiculous “Medifacts” ads, then sheep, sorry patients are so impatient they just want a quick fix and not willing to look at the potential dangers. Pick a drug, any prescription medication and Google it, they’ll show what it’s designed for, it’s ingredients and a list of possible side effects, look at them it’s really, really scary… often the list covers tens of side effects that can be significantly worse than the problem the doctor prescribed them for.

So the title of “So very lucky” is referring to how I am and how I look, if I’d succumbed to the recommendations from the neurologists and doctors I know I’d be in a far worse place now, I know this method I’m doing would still “fix” me but it would be a lot more difficult.

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