I’ve had four..

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Had four..

I have to look at what I’m doing, as in following the program designed by Ann Boroch which she painstakingly created to cure herself of multiple sclerosis, if anyone thinks that its a load of rubbish then they’re entitled to their own opinion. However making judgements on something that sounds too good to be true, in all fairness is stupid because yes it sounds incredible but that’s just what it is… incredible….!!!!! It’s been just over a month that I started properly, following the food and supplemental recommendations and I have to say taking everything into consideration, I’m really happy. I’ve just had my fourth consecutive day of feeling great,  yes there’s a two hour period that seems to start around 4 hours after I’m up and about, that I suddenly become really weak but after a rest of two or three hours I feel good again. In the main I feel more capable mentally, my arms and legs feel better and I’ve definitely got better hand and foot control. That might sound a little strange to someone that doesn’t have this disease but being able to actually move the toes on my left foot and actually being conscious of them as in my brain feeling them moving is so good. There have been times in the past when I’ve slid off my bed, it is such a horrible feeling when you know it’s happening and your mind is literally screaming at your limbs to move but they just don’t. A couple of years ago that happened in November at around 9.00, I was naked, freezing cold and it was 4.30am before I was able to get up off the floor. Anyway that’s in the past and I’m so optimistic and happy about the way I’m feeling after such a short time. Mary told me but it was Janet that truly got me on this program that is giving me the most incredible, valuable gift….. my life…thank you Janet …


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