Obviously I know..

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Obviously I know without a doubt that I’m doing the right things, how do I know? Simply because I’m feeling better, I had  four days of feeling great and even today, Sunday, my fifth is good, not brilliant but definitely not a bad day. The weak spells I’ve been having as I said before seem to start about midday so I go and lay on my bed for a few hours and then feel good again. I’ve been in serious thought as to what could possibly be making that happen, it doesn’t appear to be happening to others so it’s obviously something I’m doing. I think I know what it might be so I’ve made the appropriate adjustment, there’s a chance I’ll notice tomorrow afternoon if I’m right although it might take a couple of days. I’ll not say what I think it could be until I know for sure, if it is what I’m thinking, I’ll kick myself, not literally of course. Being alone as I am is not a problem 99% of the time but it just means everything I do, every decision I make about life and my health in general is made without discussion or getting a different opinion. It can be hard but it’ll be so rewarding when I’m actually living again. I know I’m mentally strong and have the patience and determination to succeed.

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