Looks like I was right…

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Looks like I was right.

Monday, and even though it was the sixth day after the terrible Tuesday last week, hmm that could be a documented day “Terrible Tuesday”, maybe not,  today was actually a good day, I did rest but a little later than before and for less time. I sort of knew it would be a better day as soon as I got up and throughout the morning I felt more stable. Anyway it’s been about 55 hours since I had the “Eat Natural” protein bar which I’ve been having everyday for the last month. I’d originally looked at the ingredients and because it was touted as all natural healthy ingredients with no added sugar, “dipstick me” assumed it was okay and having 12 grams of protein had to be good. You know what they say about “to assume” well it’s true as in it made an”Ass out of U and Me”. So after careful investigation I saw that even though there was no added sugar the bar still had 16 grams in. So I had my last at 1 o’clock  in the afternoon on Saturday, I think it’ll take a few more days before the negative effects will stop causing a major problem but after such a long time of having them daily it’s going to be a long time to completely eliminate.

It’s really good to feel as I do and far better than the initial taste and long term problems created by eating them, small steps.

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