Connect with source..

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Connect with source.

This is what I believe, connecting with source, whoever you are and whatever you believe, be it God, the Universe, or some other power. At the end of the day, believing in myself will take me on what I believe will be an incredible journey. Having an absolute confidence in the end result is the only way to achieve what you want, a couple of months ago I didn’t have any knowledge whatsoever of Ann Boroch or her achievements but I knew I would beat multiple sclerosis I just didn’t know how exactly. Having unbreakable confidence in the end result meant that the solution would find me, weird I know but it’s true, a friend of mine in Wisconsin told me about the mysterious death of a woman that had cured herself, I read one of her books, Healing Multiple sclerosis, and decided this was they way, I wrote about it on my blog and reposted in on social media, a few days later I was contacted by Janet Orchard and now I’m truly on the right path, thank you Mary and Janet. A sequence of events that on the face of it have no obvious connection but on the grand scale of things have joined forces and helped me to focus on what I truly want, to get healthy and help others do the same.

Starting the Ann Boroch method is a journey from A to B,  but unlike others you make the distance to your destination is undefined, you know it’s there but just unsure as to the time and distance involved. Mine started on September 1st and I had a good day followed by bad, then it was 3 good, 1 bad and that cycle continued for a while until my “terrible Tuesday” a week ago which was followed by 6 good days. Yesterday wasn’t a bad day per se, it just wasn’t a “good day” so now I’m honestly expecting a longer series of good days, I know this will happen, I believe in me and I have absolute and unbreakable confidence and faith.

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