Looking good…

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Looking good.

As expected, Wednesday was a good day, I felt great mentally, physically and emotionally, the first two are definitely important to me in just getting around my flat, but in some ways it’s the third part, emotionally that helped me the most. I tell myself and others, as you’ll have noticed, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I write about how I’m feeling and what i firmly believe and am expecting. There’s no guarantee that this method, the one Ann Boroch perfected to cure herself and is being done by others but there’s no guarantee it will work for me. So I’m writing about what I believe will happen, based on what I’ve read and my own expectations.Tuesday was not a good day really, so based on the past cycle of events, Wednesday and the following X number of days will be good. For that to start as it did on Wednesday was emotionally a really good feeling and reaffirmed mentally what I’m doing.

I had a visitor on Wednesday morning from National Statistics to carry out a survey as they’ve done for the past couple of years. After the survey which took an hour or so I spent a few minutes, actually it was more than that explaining about this program and my beliefs of the end result. I felt very capable moving around, obviously I’m very limited because of the MS but he commented that all things taken into consideration that I was looking good.

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