An unexpected one..

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Should I be worried.

According to my reckoning, Tuesday being a “not good” day meant that Wednesday was hopefully the start of a multi day sequence of “good days”, well that was what was supposed to happen according to me. As I said the other day, the AB method works, of that there’s no doubt, but there’s no guarantee as far as timing is concerned. Anyway Thursday started well, I was expecting Louise who cuts my hair to come at  12.30 to 1.0 so I couldn’t go for my rest as I usually do. She arrived a little earlier which I was grateful for, but I became frighteningly weak and really struggled just getting in the chair. Anyway 20 minutes later my hair had been cut so I excused myself and suggested she clean up the cuttings and I’d go lay down. This is where it got embarrassing for me as even using the walker was impossible, I couldn’t move my legs. Louise very kindly let me sit on the walker and she dragged me to my bed. The weird thing is that the same thing, as in the weakness happens everyday at roughly the same time. A week or so ago I thought it was the “Eat Natural” protein bars, obviously not as I’ve not eaten one for a week or had a replacement, so what’s causing this, I just don’t know, should I be worried. Well  I suppose Thursday was a bad day, an unexpected one so that should mean Friday will be good.

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