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Sunday was the third consecutive good day which obviously pleased me, as suggested by Janet and Marianne, I’m not so much keeping a journal per se as simply writing the same line of text with the current date in order to gauge the difference in my hand writing as I progress on my healing journey. My blog is written, typed, probably six days per week, I do this as I’ve said before to inspire and motivate myself, if it can help others then that really pleases me. When I started working for Dr Huggins at Huggins Applied Healing in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I would talk to people enquiring about his therapy or his supplements but mostly to existing clients and patients. I have no delusions of grandeur or think of myself in the same way as Dr Huggins because although I was very knowledgeable of his treatment, in reality my knowledge was equal to what “Doc” had in his little finger. But over the years a lot of people and quite a few of the dentists that had been trained by Dr Huggins would ask me rather than bother doc. In reality this made me very happy to think they had faith in my knowledge and experience, but please understand I knew diddly squat in comparison to him. During my time with him I talked with more than 17,500 people, many of whom I helped a lot. I’ve said before that my work with Dr Huggins is the most fulfilling of my life.

I see what I’m doing now as in following the Ann Boroch protocol as an incredible journey which I maybe on for an indefinite period of time but succeeding in my mind is a guaranteed conclusion.

The knowledge and experience I gained between 2007 and 2011 is something that can never be taken away, there are some people I think about regularly like Caroline and Shari who I worked with, Dr,s Grube and Rothchild, clients that became friends like Ali and Dottie, yes I’m thousands of miles and a freaking huge ocean away but don’t forget me, cos as Arnie said….. “I’ll be back”.

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