New lease…

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New lease..

Since starting on the Ann Boroch protocol at the beginning of September, things have changed in my day to day life, starting with the dominant factor, diet, although several aspects of the foods to eat and not eat were similar on the not eating side it’s the “eating” side that changed a little. Being lactose and gluten intolerant already there wasn’t many foods I had to eliminate, I had already limit my sugar intake to about 10 grams daily so again that wasn’t an issue, I suppose it’s the limiting of fructose, fruit sugars and honey that caused a slight problem to start but not anymore. Because of my background I have always seen the nutritional limitation of current day farming and processed foods, because of this I’ve ensured I get 90% of the essential nutrients from the Youngevity supplements. After chatting with Janet I’ve made some adjustments and as one group contained fructose it’s been eliminated and there’s a good chance my current afternoon weakness will subside.

Anyway getting back, there are two or three things I’ve added such as a herbal anti fungal, digestive enzymes and adrenal support to my thrice daily regimen.

I’ve noticed a few changes physically, small and subtle but nevertheless, changes, improvements. But the biggest and most dramatic is that before the start I knew I would get better, I just didn’t know how, now I know and it’s an incredible feeling, I see things differently, I actually feel that I have a completely new lease on life.

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