To us superheroes..

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To us superheroes.

Looking at my life so far, and there’s lots more to come, it’s been quite an experience, going back to the beginning in a little two up two down with an outside loo, well in reality it was just three walls with a very basic door surrounding a toilet with a chain pull cistern fixed to the wall. Mum, dad and seven kids lived there, home comforts were something I saw other people had while I was watching a small black and white TV. I left school at 15 to go to the Army Apprentice College in Chepstow, south Wales. Jumping forward ten years and I started my skydiving experience, this was followed by hang gliding, I’d also been very into rock climbing as well. Several years and many fast motorbikes and mountain bikes later I moved to America to live in the Rocky Mountains, not a log cabin covered in snow but working in the I.T. industry in Denver and Colorado springs. Before moving to Colorado I’d learned to fly small planes and almost qualified as a helicopter pilot but ran out of the green stuff, that was in Florida where I‘d lived for two years. While in Colorado I was diagnosed with MS, that was in Feb 04, I refused to take the medication because I knew the ridiculous drugs did no more that treat symptoms and cause havoc in the body. So I treated myself with what I thought was the best nutrition and natural supplements. I continued to work full time as a director for the World leading authority in Biological dentistry and body chemistry re-balancing until April 2011. I struggled yes, but the arrogant I won’t be beaten me continued as best I could, eventually all my savings disappeared and with no unemployment or healthcare I gave up. If it wasn’t for two fantastic women, mum and Suzie bringing me back I’d be history. I cannot express my love and gratitude enough. Anyway it’s been five years next month since I returned and without a doubt I’m in a far better place physically and mentally but it’s not been easy. I’ve fallen at least 50 times, some have been horrendous, how I’ve not broken my leg numerous times amazes me, my head still has a lump from a fall a month or so ago, last year I nearly ripped my ear off, literally, the pain was excruciating. Oh yes up know why I haven’t, because I’m made of steel and can leap tall buildings, maybe not, I suppose it’s because I’m incredibly lucky. I’m sure my story isn’t unique and others have been through the same and worse. So to all of us superheroes, let’s be strong and know we’ll all get through this.

P.S. I was also in the Guinness book of records between 1989 and 97 for being on the 60 way skydive.

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