It really is…

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It really is..

When I started this six weeks ago I definitely thought that there would be a few changes, a few foods that I would eliminate, some additional supplements and that would be it.  Over the first five weeks there’s no doubt that I’d experienced some improvements as anyone reading my posts would clearly have seen. But the improvements seemed to be followed by at least one and sometimes two bad days. I know this was only to be expected and as far as I was concerned the good was certainly outnumbering the bad so not a problem. As I mentioned in my previous post I’d eliminated a Youngevity drink because of the fructose content, I needed a replacement so asked my carer to mix some hot chocolate powder into cold coconut milk. I had it Wednesday morning and it was delicious. But….. and a big but was that for some unbeknownst reason my brain didn’t take into consideration that there was around 7 grams of sugar in the chocolate powder and probably the same in the coconut milk…. Hello!!!!     An hour after drinking it I was very lucky to have made it to the loo before what was in me, left rather erratically, I spent a good 75 minutes sat on the single white porcelain seat. Needless to say all the little treats I’ve been lying to myself about are no more. Apart from three hours in the middle of the day I’ve felt great. Thusrday will be even better because nothing with a hint of sugar in it will enter my body, I know it’s bad and in the main I’ve restricted it to 5 or 6 grams daily but that sweet stuff is poison to my body, it really is, and I should have known better.

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