Over confident..

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Over confident.

The program is the program, it works and when it’s followed correctly the results will come, however there are no identical MS sufferers, the disease affects everyone uniquely, because of age, gender, age at getting it, the location , the altitude, stress or lack of it, single or with someone. You get my drift, everyone is different so it stands to reason that the results, the speed of improvements will vary. I know all this and should get it through my thick skull that the improvements happen as and when the body, the place you live tells you it’s ready to do certain things. I’m saying this as a way to actually acknowledge what I know and react accordingly not tell myself that I should be able, regardless of my body saying “no, not yet”. Case in point… I’m feeling better and better in lots of ways, mentally and physically, my coordination and dexterity, my writing is much better, now it looks like actual writing as opposed to a doctor’s prescription. Yes those things are better, “but Stefan, you can’t walk unaided yet”. That’s what I tried to do at 6.40 p.m on Thursday. but as expected the legs didn’t comply with the brain and guess what happened, yes you’re right, crash… but rubber me bounced off the wall using the numb part on top of my neck, my head. I think that secretly my noggin enjoys the firm physical contact with its old friend the wall. Anyway it was an hour later that my specialised commando crawl got me the 15 feet to my bed… hmmm maybe I’m not a super fit 25 yr old anymore as my ego thinks. The lesson for the day is “stop being overconfident”.

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