Should I…..

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Should I.

Should I be disappointed….. . Should I be angry…. .. Should I feel sorry for myself… ..  I live alone, I am on my own 23 hours each day, it’s easy to spend a lot of time thinking, reflecting and remembering better times and when I do I think about things like skydiving and riding fast motor-bikes. There are many, many things I’ve done as an ex-adrenalin junkie that most sane people wouldn’t even consider, but those things were a major part of my life and unlikely to happen again. I’m not a young man anymore, sadly, I know that against all odds I will get my health back, regardless of what every neurologist, doctor, nurse and health practitioner has said, I would love to have them all in a room a few years from now and see their faces when I walk in saying….. nah na, na nah na…. As it stands I am definitely better in so many ways even if I do fall occasionally, the odd fall and stumble have happened because I’ve felt confident and tried to move as a healthy person would, so in some ways it’s been my own stupid fault. As I’ve taken advice and used my common sense, I’ll do my very best to take more care and as has been pointed out in a very caring way, to listen to my body and let it dictate the speed of renewal.

So to answer the three questions above… the answer is  No  100%.. but should I be proud of myself, hell yeah…

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