The good, the bad and the…

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The good, the bad and the…..

When I started the AB program officially in September I was well aware that making changes in my diet and adding certain supplements that there would be changes, I knew there would be good days and bad days and over a long period of time that the good would outnumber the bad. As far as when these changes would happen I didn’t know or how good or bad they’d be. Well after only six weeks there are very positive improvements and I think the fact I’d definitely been in a better position than most others when I started has and is playing a significant part in my journey. I’d been gluten and dairy free for several years and most importantly I had restricted my sugar intake to under 10 grams per day for the previous 7 years. I am positive that using two Zappers for several hours each day and getting a lot of advice from the group, especially Janet has helped significantly so I’m very happy about my progress. Am I cured? obviously not and I wouldn’t expect that, but the good days have got better and the bad days are fewer and definitely nowhere near as bad, as far as the ugly days, well they’re non existent.


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