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The decline of healthcare.

When I first moved to the U.S. in 2002 I felt good about my life and the decision I’d made, in hindsight I must have had rose tinted glasses permanently fixed to my head because all I could see was good. I’d met a woman who I thought actually loved me, I was moving to Colorado, living and working in the “mile high city”, that’s Denver and all was good in my life. Sadly two years later those glasses must have broken because that was the start of my MS life, four years after that the woman I thought loved me, didn’t as I learnt of her affairs. That’s by the by, I’m better off without her, back to my point… healthcare and its decline both here in the UK and back over in the U.S. At one time I thought it was only there that the problem existed but over the past five years I can see it’s just as bad here. Think about it, what do doctors do when you see them because of a health problem, nine times out of ten they just prescribe a drug, partly because they know that the drug will probably relieve the major symptom and partly just to pacify you. Most people are happy with this but in reality it’s just putting a sticking plaster a Bandaid on your head because of a headache, ridiculous and it gets worse. Look at the 91 side effects of Beta Interferon, Suicidal thoughts….. Suicidal thoughts, the symptoms of the disease are bad enough without the “so called medication” encouraging me to kill myself. Doctors should try their best, they took the Hippocratic oath… Do no harm…. how many people not just MS sufferers take 4 or 5 different medications that combined have 150 side effects, these are known because they actually happened to the 100 people that originally tested the drug before the FDA and UK equivalent passed the drug to be used by sick people. The healthcare industry should be renamed the Sickcare industry. It absolutely disgusts me how this is no longer an honourable profession, now it’s a Keep them sick and make profits industry.

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